Learn How to Increase Zendesk Efficiency with BubbleIQ

Learn How to Increase Zendesk Efficiency with BubbleIQ

Connect All Your Tools For Better Zendesk Success

Is your team looking to increase Zendesk efficiency and make the customer service experience smoother for both your agents and your customers? If your company is one of the 50,000 teams already using Slack to chat, then the BubbleIQ Zendesk to Slack integration might be the perfect solution.

The integration allows your customer service teams to handle tickets without needing to be inside Zendesk. Simply do all communications through Slack. This is great for teams that already use Slack to communicate and are used to the Slack interface and dashboard.

Bubble IQ

BubbleIQ provides 2-way sync between Slack & Zendesk. That means you can create & edit tickets in Slack, push tickets from Zendesk into channels in Slack based on customizable triggers, and any changes to the ticket or replies from either side are synced in both tools. Just add the BubbleIQ app to your Slack workspace, invite the bot into the relevant channel(s), and you can immediately start creating, editing, and collaborating on Zendesk tickets directly in Slack.

For escalation and collaboration, map a BubbleIQ trigger to a corresponding Slack channel with a simple @ command, and tickets meeting whatever criteria you’ve set on the trigger will automatically land in the channel where they can easily be discussed, edited, etc.

For shared channels and internal ticketing, just invite the bot to the channel & you’re all set.

Forget context switching, forget manually tracking requests. Stop worrying about lost tickets that never get solved or just never got noticed in the first place, and start getting more out of your support and chat tools.

Steps to Integrating Bubble IQ

Complete an Efficiency Report

  • Help to get the baseline of your Zendesk instance structured properly to fully optimize BubbleIQ tools once implemented.
  • Check that you are Making the Most of your Zendesk instance and utilizing what you have to its fullest capacity.
  • Suggest and recommend changes to improve instance.
  • Complete the recommended changes as you wish.

Prepare for the integration with BubbleIQ

  • Help you ensure BubbleIQ is the right fit for your needs.
  • Clean up and prep macros for the integration.
  • Install and integrate BubbleIQ.

Post Integration

  • Work with BubbleIQ to ensure that the benefits they provide are being fully utilized.
  • Help curate and create new macros & workflows, so you get the most out of BubbleIQ.


BubbleIQ takes a common problem and offers a simple solution through their Zendesk to Slack integration. Give your team the ability to handle Zendesk needs without leaving the Slack interface that they love, giving your agents the capacity to work more productively.

Post written in collaboration with Noah Adelman from BubbleIQ

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