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On average, Zendesk increases customer satisfaction by

On average, Zendesk increases agent satisfaction by

Customers will spend more to buy from a company that offers good customer service by

* CX Trends Report 2021

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Here’s What A Few Users Have Said
About Their Zendesk Experiences:

"It helps our teams maintain the personalization that our clients need while quickly solving their questions or help requests. The best part? Our customers feel genuinely supported and heard."
"The majority of our customer emails, voicemails, and recorded calls are logged in Zendesk so our support team loves how simple it is to find and respond to customer requests, what they have contacted us about, and who helped them. Zendesk also makes metrics tracking extremely easy with pre-fab dashboards that are quickly customizable.."
"The reporting tab is all I need for keeping track of how the team is doing. I don’t need to export the information to another tool to get numbers, they’re all in this same platform."
"With the overhead in delegation and our tricky queue needs, we found Zendesk to be the answer to our administrative woes. Not to mention our answer when it came to a tech support agent taking a well-deserved day off without worrying about their email coverage."
"Zendesk makes it super easy to have specific teams stay connected with each other; not just the support team."
"Our technical and purchase support teams faced the challenge of increasing support requests as our company grew. It wasn’t manageable or logical to respond to customers through a Gmail alias anymore. Zendesk helped us scale."