Make New Relic Work For You

Make New Relic Work For You

New Relic has many functions and can be used and set up in many ways to accommodate the developers and the teams that are using it. Here are three New Relic blog posts that we think are worth a read if you are currently adopting New Relic, looking to improve your New Relic instances or revamping your New Relic infrastructure.

If you are trying to sort through the myriad of libraries and resources in New Relic for each language it can get overwhelming pretty quick. This post breaks down what the best libraries are for the most commonly used developer languages so you don’t have to spend as much time sorting through and looking for the right fit.

Is your team interested in containers and microservices? And how they could potentially help your work as well as how to implement them? In this blog post, New Relics lead site reliability engineer, Jonathan Owens gives his top 5 takeaways for those interested in adopting containers or microservices.

New Relic has put together a new ebook called Site Reliability Engineering: Philosophies, Habits, and Tools for SRE Success. They put this book together as they have seen an increase in companies looking for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) functionality. The blog post offers a brief overview of what you will find inside the book and the authors favorite takeaways.

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