Monitor and Manage your applications better with Amazon CloudWatch

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Do you need more transparency into your applications and systems?

Amazon CloudWatch is a service built for developers, system operators, site reliability engineers (SRE), and IT managers that monitors and manages your cloud. CloudWatch gives users insight into relevant data and actionable items to assist in monitoring applications, understanding and responding to system-wide performance changes—while optimizing resource utilization, accomplishing a unified view of operational health.
CloudWatch provides metrics and logs data of up to 1-second visibility, holds 15 months of metric data retention, and can perform calculations on metrics. This allows teams to get real-time insights into optimizing application resources by performing historical analysis for cost optimization.

AWS CloudWatch Features


  • Collect and store logs – The CloudWatch Logs service enables  you to collect and store logs from your resources, applications, and services.
  • Built-in metrics – Amazon CloudWatch allows you to collect default metrics from more than 70 AWS services.
  • Custom Metrics – Collect custom metrics from your own applications to monitor operational performance, troubleshoot issues, and spot trends.


  • Unified View – Amazon CloudWatch dashboards enable you to create re-usable graphs and visualize your cloud resources and applications in a unified view.
  • Alarms – Allow you to set a threshold on metrics and trigger an action.
  • Logs and metrics correlation – Correlate metrics and logs and quickly go from diagnosing the problem to understanding the root cause.


  • Auto Scaling – helps you automate capacity and resource planning, set a threshold to alert on a key metric and trigger an automated Auto Scaling action.
  • Automate responses – Cloudwatch Events provide a almost real-time stream of system events that describe changes to your AWS resources, allowing you to respond quickly to operational changes.


  • Granular data and extended retention – monitor trends with 15 months of metric data (storage and retention).
  • Custom operations on metrics – Metric Math enables you to perform calculations across multiple metrics giving a real-time analysis. Better understand the operational health and performance of your infrastructure.
  • Log analytics – Address operational issues without needing to provision servers or manage software.

Compliance and Security

Amazon CloudWatch is integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). You can control who and what has permission to access your data, you can even specify how they can access it.
Amazon CloudWatch Logs is PCI and FedRamp compliant. Data is encrypted at rest and during transfer. You can also use AWS KMS encryption to encrypt your log groups for added compliance and security.

Adding CloudWatch is a simple way to get more a lot more info!

Even if you are already using AWS tools and products to support your applications and infrastructure, it might be time to add Amazon CloudWatch to keep track of how it is all working together, the health of each different tool, and insights into where you might need to update or make a change. CloudWatch is just that, a babysitter for your cloud, making sure it is functioning as it should be, with the right tools and connections.

729 Solutions is an AWS partner. We have the unique knowledge to help you pick the AWS tools tailored for your needs, and get them implemented and running smoothly.

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