New At GitHub

New At GitHub

On July 12th, 2018, GitHub rolled out GitHub Enterprise 2.14. This upgrade to the Enterprise system offers many new tools and changes for both developers and administrators alike. You can easily upgrade here and begin getting the new features ASAP!

These new tools and system upgrades all enhance different aspects of the development process, and together help further streamline the overall team process as well.

New Features

Project Board Permissions

Project Board Permissions –  board admin permissions can customize who has read, write, and admin permissions on your project boards.

Require Multiple Approving Reviews

Require Multiple Approving Reviews – administrators can require reviews that have a specific number of positive reviews before they can be merged.

Multiple Issue Templates

Multiple Issue Templates – while a single issue template is still available for use, GitHub recommends using the new multi issue templates for the best results.

Better Search Options

Better Search Options – You can now create a much more customized search experience by focusing on each specific organizations, specific repositories or your entire instance.

Contact GitHub Enterprise Support within the Management Console

Contact GitHub Enterprise Support within the Management Console – no need to even the leave the environment to report a problem or ask a question.

This short list is only a handful of the over all updates made throughout the system. Check out this blog post showcasing other features and the full report to see all the upgrades, changes and findings for GitHub 2.14.

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