New Relic Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

There are many upsides to moving your business into the cloud. Adopting a cloud infrastructure can make storage and backups easier, improve security, reduce costs, and help your team collaborate; all faster and smoother than before cloud adoption was a solution.

If you are ready to make your own move into the cloud, New Relic is a great option to make this a reality without a huge hassle. New Relic makes it easy to plan, migrate and monitor your new cloud adoption.


The first step to take before you can begin to adopt the cloud is to make a solid plan of action. New Relic recommends doing three things:

  • Determine your baseline application performance – figure out which applications you  to move into the cloud and use these to determine what your KPI is.
  • Identify Dependencies – make sure your team understands every connection in your current environment, including any external services to ensure nothing is missed once the move begins.
  • Make a list of your migration order – it is important to create a priority list that includes things like business metrics, which apps need to be prioritized over others and any key factors to your move.


So you have created a solid migration plan for your cloud adoption, and have begun to move things over into this new space. If you are utilizing New Relic’s cloud monitoring you should expect an easy and efficient process when monitoring your migration KPIs for things like alerts to problems, error statistics, and usage statistics. Cloud monitoring can also help you keep track of costs during the migration, and since you can monitor all applications in your infrastructure you can deal with issues or problems immediately while keeping costs low.


Now that you have gotten all your applications moved into the cloud and have created the perfect cloud infrastructure for your companies needs you will want to know what is happening in every part of your cloud instance. It’s time that you utilize cloud monitoring, especially if you were not monitoring during the migration process. New Relics cloud monitoring has many wonderful features that are meant to make work easier for your team and ensure nothing is missed, saving both time and money. Features include dynamic alerting, migration specific metrics, and budget monitoring.

Moving into the cloud makes sense for most businesses these days, but doing it without a system set up to monitor this process means you might miss something very important along the way. That’s why we recommend New Relic: not only will they help to monitor your move into the cloud, New Relic will be ready to keep track of every change you make as your business needs grow and transition. Learn how 729 Solutions can help your business get moved into the cloud with an introduction to New Relic!

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