We at 729 Solutions offer a number of strategic UI/UX and brand development opportunities to put your brand on the map. Whether you’re a new organization or a decades-old local business looking to rebrand, our team can give you an image that sells.

Business Requirements Documents

Business Requirements Documents are a wide-scale inspection and analysis of your current digital needs and a report on the methodology by which 729 Solutions can help achieve them.

When constructing a Business Requirement Document, 729 will:

  • Determine the scope and purpose of the discovery phase.
  • Interview your team and catalog weaknesses (or “pain points”) in your digital presence and web functionality to assure no sticking point goes unaddressed.
  • Document elements of your website that work as intended and required to assure those services remain unchanged.
  • Perform research on competitors and comparable products and services. We also will analyze the customer base of those competitors and any technology used to achieve their goals. This will help you stay ahead of the pack.
  • Analyze available industry data and analytics to assure each technical decision is backed up with a tried and true methodology.
  • Note any other considerations and uncover and predict any roadblocks or complications that may arise while solving your digital needs.

User Personas

User personas are detailed explanations and data points about the representative categories and social groups of users
visiting your website. (Examples include local customer, industry personnel, press, etc.).

In order to learn which personas make up your audience, 729 will:

Collect data about your audience through a number of different means including interviews, data analytics and market research.

Define the needs, goals, selling-points and expectations of each persona category.

Create a more efficient strategy to cater to each persona group.


729 will review or redesign your site map to efficiently plan the structure of your website, software or app and assure all pages from user flow are accounted for. A fully optimized site map will assist with accessibility and industry standards and has SEO benefits such as higher placement in Google results.


User Flow Maps

729 will map and optimize the user’s journey through your site (called a “user flow”) based on user personas and their specific goals.

After documenting the current step-by-step processes users go through to complete a task, we consider different scenarios and possible solutions to streamline the site and remove unnecessary steps or complications.


Worksheet Templates

Worksheet Templates catalog every page of your website and include a page-by-page analysis of current content and functionality. Each template includes suggestions for optimization and content improvements.

Worksheet Templates will:

  • Help you determine what content should be on what page.
  • Help designers offer user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements on a page-by-page basis.
  • Help developers clearly understand and improve the purpose

Desktop, Tablet And Mobile Wireframes

Wireframes are early design demonstrations with low fidelity and no functionality. Instead, these demos help clients to quickly and easily ensure the design direction aligns with their goals and values.

Additionally, they can be used later in the process to build low-fidelity prototypes for user testing.


Desktop, Tablet And Mobile Prototypes

Prototypes can be created during many stages of the design process with both high-fidelity mockups and low fidelity wireframe demonstrations. These early demos will show you how your website will appear on computers, cell phones and tablets and offer some basic functionality including menu buttons.

Desktop and mobile prototypes can:

  • Help visualize the final intent of product pages.
  • Allow user testing to ensure the product is moving in the right direction.
  • Be presented at keynote speeches and funding pitches for demonstration purposes, to provide a reliable and lifelike experience.

User Testing, User Interviews And Result Reports

User Testing

During the user testing process, 729 will test your site with real-life users from your site’s user persona categories. These users will be presented with your site and tested using scripts built to identify key interactions users take when using your product or service. User testing and interviews can be arranged in person on-site or virtually.

As the users complete these actions, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) experts will observe and complete a report with recommendations to improve the site’s functionality, accessibility and ease of use.

Brand System And Style Guide Creation

729’s designers and consultants will use brainstorming sessions, workshops, mood boards, sketches, and more to help you develop a brand system based on your unique mission, vision, and goals. This system will contain a collection of unified elements such as logos, fonts and color schemes that help solidify an easily identifiable look and feel for your brand.

In-depth brand systems also can improve cross-platform consistency by including a front end asset library, which contains resources such as:

Brand Creation
  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Patterns
  • Webdesign Components
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Proposal Templates
  • Presentation Templates

All of these elements will assure your brand identity is consistent and easily recognizable both on and off the web.


Mockups are high-fidelity images that allow you to see what your website, software or app will look like upon completion. Every mockup includes all of your brand imagery, colors, fonts and other brand-specific components.

Using a mockup to reflect the final product allows for flexibility in the final steps of the design process so you can request last-minute changes.

We started working with 729 at the earliest stages of Bundle and the team was integral in our Minimum Viable Product release. The design team did an awesome job defining granular user personas and created the foundation for the look and feel of our brand.
729 took the time to understand more than just our UI/UX concerns - they explored our business goals as well. This has allowed us to make decisions that consider the larger, long term vision, in addition to solving the immediate needs we brought to the table.

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