The Acclaro Zendesk Translation Integration

The Acclaro Zendesk Translation Integration

Providing Multilingual Support Content is Becoming a Business Must

One of the top concerns of companies with a global presence or those that are looking to expand into other markets is the ability to communicate with their customers in their native languages. Take the popular customer support platform Zendesk for example, which offers several ways to enable companies to communicate with their customers in their preferred language. By using business rules and Zendesk’s Guide functionality, companies have an easy way to ensure that their customers feel taken care of and, most importantly, have their needs understood.
But, what do you do if your agents are not all fluent in every language your clients are? Or maybe your team doesn’t have the capacity or expertise to translate your entire Zendesk Guide into a new language every time you expand or discover a new language need? You partner with Acclaro.

Integrated, Professional Zendesk Translations

Acclaro is a translation agency with a global presence that provides high-quality translations for everything from software to marketing content. Their Zendesk integration offers the same powerful translation services for your Zendesk Guide, giving you access to quality streamlined translations that your internal team and customers will absolutely appreciate.

How To Make Your Zendesk Content Multilingual: Overview

Step 1 – Seamlessly connect your Zendesk account to Acclaro’s translation management platform by logging into your Zendesk instance and granting access.


Step 2 – Once connected, select Zendesk Help Center articles for translation.

Step 3 – Select target languages.

Step 4 – Add order details and due date.

Step 5 – Select delivery option.

Step 6 – Submit translation order.

Step 7 – Receive translated content right back in Zendesk.

729 Solutions Can Help Streamline Acclaro’s Zendesk Translation Integration

729 can help you make the most of an application like Acclaro’s for Zendesk. Whether we do the implementation for you, simply offer support, or leave it to your team, we will work to ensure you’re set up for success.
Before you tackle translation, it’s important to make sure your Zendesk instance is implemented correctly and running smoothly by following these steps:

Complete an Efficiency Report

  • Completing an Efficiency Report with 729 can ensure that you have picked the right tools, business rules, and Guide setup to support your company’s specific needs.
  • Check that you are making the most of your Zendesk instance and utilizing what you have to its fullest capacity.
  • Suggest and recommend changes to improve your instance.
  • Complete the recommended changes as you wish.

Get Your Guide into Shape

Are you planning to use a translation integration like Acclaro’s for Zendesk Guide and Help Center content? First, it’s important to look at how your Zendesk instance is configured.

  • 729Solutions will work with your team to customize the structure, layout, and user flow for your Help Center, ensuring it makes sense to your average user.
  • If your team needs it, we can help with the uploading and organizing of articles, categories, and topics.
  • We can produce the design and branding of your Guide to match your web presence or create a whole new look and feel.

Prepare for the Integration with Acclaro

  • 729 will ensure the Acclaro translation integration is the right tool for you by analyzing and evaluating its effectiveness in meeting your needs.
  • We can help your team clean up and prepare business rules for the integration.

Post Integration

  • 729 will serve as a liaison with Acclaro to make certain you get the most out of Zendesk and Acclaro’s services and integration.
  • We can help curate and create new business rules, so you get the most out of Acclaro.

Multilingual Zendesk Content is a Breeze with Acclaro & 729 Solutions

Ready to expand your global presence using Zendesk? With Acclaro and 729, optimizing your customers’ multilingual user experiences has never been easier. Together we can help you build lasting customer relationships without anything getting lost in translation.

Learn more about Acclaro and their team here!>

Post written with Annemieke Scott and Ali Doyle from Acclaro.

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