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Zendesk provides many features to help you integrate your instance with your social media accounts and improve your customer service through these avenues. Zendesk allows you to integrate almost any social media account as its own channel. These channels can be configured to create tickets in Zendesk Support from direct messages or post comments. The more popular accounts to add are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Which Social Media Integrations Does Zendesk Allow?


Facebook: Zendesk provides a Facebook channel integration by default. This channel monitors your Facebook page and converts all posts and private messages into tickets. Agent comments made to Facebook-specific tickets appear below the comment or in the direct message on your Facebook page.

Twitter: Twitter is also a default channel you can run to your Support instance. Tweets between your Twitter account and Twitter users are captured in tickets with agent responses appearing on twitter threads and in direct messages.


You can set up and use almost any social media platform as a channel within your Zendesk Support. Communicate with your customers on almost any platform anywhere on the web by installing a Social media specific App. These Apps create new channels, allowing agents to respond to comments, messages, and reviews just like any other ticket, never even leaving the Zendesk interface. All agent comments are sent back and forth to the specific platform through the integration. For example, you can integrate Youtube and Instagram also by installing the Instagram and Youtube channel apps from the Zendesk marketplace.

*Please note that these apps may be a paid app because they are not provided by Zendesk by default as support channel.

So, what are the main advantages of integrating your social media accounts with Zendesk?

  • The first advantage is that your customer service will be improved and you will not miss inquiries made through social media.
  • Integration with social media mean Zendesk creates tickets any time a customer sends a direct message or comments on a post.
  • Your agents can respond directly from Zendesk and their replies will be sent to the respective user through your social media account.
  • You will have one place for handling all of your social media requests.
  • Be able to integrate social media requests with all other support tickets.


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