Whats New At GitHub: Premium Plus

New At GitHub

Introducing GitHub Premium Plus!

GitHub prides itself on the level of support that they offer their community, no matter if you are with a team or working independently. To continue to offer this support and recognize that some people and teams want a large amount of oversight, GitHub is now expanding their Premium Support plan to offer Premium as well as Premium Plus.

Features Included in Both Premium and Premium Plus:

  • Priority ticket handling
  • Standard and guaranteed response times
  • Regularly scheduled health checks
  • 24/7 phone and web support
  • Access to special content just for Premium customers

The Premium Plus also features:

  • Provided Technical Support Account Manager
  • Monthly administration support hours
  • One virtual training class on best practices

This plan is great for those who have a lot to keep track of and want the best solutions to getting their needs met quickly and with ease. Go here to learn more about this feature and check out plans.

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