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An Easy Way for Teams to Track Their Agents’ Success & Find Coaching Opportunities

If you use Zendesk, you are probably aware that one of its biggest perks is scalability. It’s perfect for teams of all sizes, from 3 people to thousands, and can handle rapid growth with ease. However, with that rapid growth comes a new challenge – tracking agent performance. Since agent performance is a big factor in how successful your team is when it comes to customer service, finding a way to monitor it is important. Tymeshift is a powerful Workforce Management solution that was created exclusively for Zendesk and streamlines the process of tracking agent performance.

How Does Tymeshift Work?

It only takes 2-minutes to set up Tymeshift if you’re already using Zendesk. A few key features include:

  • Time & attendance: automatically track time spent on Zendesk tickets, chats, and calls. Create custom AUX states for lunch, breaks, and other activities.
  • Real-time monitoring: see what your entire team is doing in real time and across all channels.
  • Occupancy & utilization: understand what percentage of time agents spend working on their core support activities.
  • Scheduling: fast and easy! Create detailed intraday schedules and view staffing across all channels. Even better – agents can view their schedule without ever leaving Zendesk
  • Schedule adherence: understand how well your agents are adhering to their schedules by overlaying their actual activity vs. expected schedule or via a percentage score.
  • Agent scorecards: transparency boosts productivity! Make custom scorecards for your agents with the metrics that matter to your organization. Agents can check their scorecard right inside of Zendesk.
  • Notifications: configure custom rules and get alerted when things are going awry. Notify a team lead when an agent logs in late or if they’re in an idle state for too long.
  • Forecasting: plan for the future by forecasting the number of contacts you can expect across all channels and how many agents you’ll need to handle them.

729 Can Help You Integrate Tymeshift Within Zendesk

729 Solutions can help you get ready to install and set up an application like Tymeshift. We will work to ensure that integration goes off without a hitch so that your team can focus on what matters most – customer service.

Complete an Efficiency Report

We can help you to get the baseline of the instance structured properly to fully optimize Tymeshift once it is implemented.

  • Ensure that you are making the most of your Zendesk instance and utilizing what you have to its maximum capacity by letting us perform an Efficiency Check on your instance.
  • Allow us to suggest and recommend changes to improve the instance based on our Efficiency Check results.
  • Complete the recommended changes as you wish.

Prepare for Tymeshift Integration

We can help you to prepare for integrating with Tymeshift by:

  • Assisting you in ensuring that Tymeshift is the best fit for your needs.
  • Cleaning up and preparing business rules for the integration.
  • Assisting you with installing and integrating Tymeshift.

Help with Post-Integration

After Tymeshift has been installed, we can help you with the following:

  • Work with Tymeshift to ensure that the benefits they provide are being fully utilized.
  • Help to curate and create new business rules, so you get the most out of Tymeshift.


As your Zendesk agent team increases, it’s truly important to have a system in place to track how individual agents are performing as well as how the entire team is doing. Tymeshift is the perfect way to help you decide which agents need coaching and in which areas. It also ensures that your customers receive the highest level of support no matter which agent they work with on your team. Consistent customer service support is a big key to success, and Tymeshift can help you make it happen.

Written with help from Tymeshift’s Elisa Reggiardo.

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