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729 Solutions is a Premier Certified Development, Design, and Systems Integration Partner. Our Zendesk Services Teams knowledge and expertise can help Zendesk AE’s close a deal.

what we know

Working with Zendesk Account Executives and Customers in the past few years, we’ve learned a few things about why customers hesitate to pull the trigger and purchase Zendesk as their Help Center solution.

  • They’re afraid of the time and resources needed for implementations.
  • They want to be sure Zendesk to integrates with their other tools.
  • Larger customers expect white glove treatment and services to ensure success.
  • Everyone is concerned about ongoing resources to manage Zendesk.
  • Their technical teams are busy with other things, which makes it harder to close deals quickly.

lean on our experience

We can help you close deals by easing customer’s minds about resources, technical capabilities and integrations. Let us focus on those details so you can focus on the part you do best.

  • We are happy to get on sales calls to talk about services and resourcing with prospects.
  • We can scope complex development needs and provide solutions architectures.
  • We support proof of concept and other technical evaluations of Zendesk.
  • We will keep you informed of your prospect’s issues, fears and new stakeholders.
  • We will sell the right value proposition for each customer.

We’re confident we can help you sell, because we’ve done it before.

Read about how we’ve helped sell some large deals with your team. 

the most common reasons you need a services partner

There are many situations you could find yourself in where having a Services Partner would be beneficial for you and your customer. Here are just a few of the reasons we’ve found.

  • Zendesk services won’t be able to handle the request. The implementation, and customizations are outside of the scope of work that Zendesk will accommodate.
  • The prospect is price sensitive. We are cheaper.
  • You need to start quickly. We have an entire team ready to roll and can start the project right away.
  • There are “off-platform” requirements. Integrations to other software or databases are one of our many specialties; Leave it to the experts!
  • Extensions to Zendesk’s base functionality are required. We love creating awesome things, can do it quickly, and are so familiar with the product that we’ll do it efficiently.
  • There is a need for managed services or ongoing support. We look out for the client’s best interest and are in it to support them from start to finish and beyond.
  • Legacy technology is involved. Think migrations from outdated platforms or closed systems with no open APIs. We will create the tools needed to get the data in the right places, fast.

why pick 729 solutions?

  • We’ve got 15 years of experience as a full stack development shop and systems integrator.
  • We’ve delivered 40+ successful projects with Zendesk.
  • We handle more complex jobs than any other Zendesk Partner.
  • We were the first Premier Consulting Partner.
  • We are a subcontractor to Zendesk (you can refer us or subcontract us)
  • We are committed to helping you sell!


I can easily say that your team is the most strategic in your transparency and reporting that I have ever experienced.
We spent several months trying to sort out our Zendesk workflow on our own with dozens of calls with Zendesk's internal help team. After one call with 729 Solutions, they understood our unique workflow and what we were trying to do. Every eCommerce business needs them on their team!
The 729 Solutions Team made great efforts to become aware of our needs and were fast learners.

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