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Are you tired of sending ugly Zendesk emails? 729 can help!

We can agree that Zendesk is a pretty awesome tool, but let’s be honest… The email templates that come out of the box are pretty hideous. Do they work? Sure. But dropping your logo into these monstrosities may actually have a negative impact on your brand and reduce trust with your customers. Enter 729…

Increase customer trust with a

Responsive & Custom Zendesk Email Template

We can build you a beautiful branded Zendesk email template and empower your customer-agent connection with a better Help Center email experience.

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Our Process

We Got You


We will work closely with you to craft gorgeous Zendesk email templates.


Our expert developers will build you responsive and functional emails.


From desktop to mobile, the 729 testing team will ensure perfection.


When you’re ready, we’ll deploy so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Elevate Customer Support Experience

And look good doing it!

A great customer experience is critical especially when it comes to providing support. Don’t let those ugly Zendesk email templates throw negative shade on your CX team’s capabilities.

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Offer Better Engagement

Make emails stand out

Your Brand Identity

Ditch the default templates and start sending emails that are aligned with your brand standards


Effortlessly encourage customers to take the next step with a clear call-to-action in your emails.

Social Media

GAllow customers to connect with you on social so they can share their awesome customer experience.

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Zendesk Implementation Premier Partner

Can You Afford to Keep Wasting Time Zendesk?

We can help you make the most of Zendesk. Give us a call and find out how today.

After one call with 729 Solutions, they understood our unique workflow and what we were trying to do. I can't recommend them highly enough - they’ve saved years of stress and frustration from my life, and I'm so relieved to know that whenever we have issues come up, they'll be here! Every eCommerce business needs them on their team!

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