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Larger companies tend to have more complex operations needs simply because they have a larger quantity of customer data flowing through their many departments. If you are using Zendesk Enterprise, you have the ability to connect your communications and data across all of the tools your company uses.  This will help you create smoother interactions with your customers and less wasted time for your internal teams.
Large and growing companies know that communication and ultimately collaboration becomes harder to maintain over time. Any lack of communication or collaboration will directly trickle down to disjointed or uncomfortable experiences for your customers. This is why is it important to work on ensuring that your team has access to all pertinent information for each customer, allowing them to answer questions faster and keep customers happier.

Gather Your Data, All In One Place

When used to its fullest, Zendesk Sunshine will help you understand your customer data. Sunshine is an open, flexible CRM platform. It allows you to connect data from many different places without it having to live together all on the same platform. Read more about Zendesk Sunshine here.

Developer Tools

Customize your Zendesk instance and make it work perfectly for your team’s needs. Check out the marketplace and choose from over 700 apps and integrations to customize your agent’s workspace and simplify workflows. Your developers can also use the Zendesk APIs to build custom integrations and interact with Zendesk data. There are over 400 different API endpoints.


Add Zendesk Explore to your toolkit and get a look at comprehensive customer analytics. Explore helps to measure and optimize every interaction a customer has with your business. It integrates seamlessly with every Zendesk channel, so your team always has the most up to date and pertinent data.


Need more? Get the Collaboration add-on so agents can use Side Conversations to communicate with anyone inside or outside your company without needing to give them access to Support.

Ready to drive efficiency and collaboration within your customer service team and throughout your company? Then it’s time to beef up your Zendesk instance and think about connecting all your communications, tools, and data in one simple interface.

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