Zendesk Chat Leads In Live Chat Services

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Are you looking for a live chat service that will help streamline your customer service offerings?

If you are already using Zendesk for your other customer service needs then adding Chat is one of the best ways that you can achieve a more efficient Zendesk instance and continue to make your customers feel very well taken care of.

Zendesk Chat Features

  • Engagement – Zendesk makes it easy to keep your customers engaged and offers many avenues for improving their experience while keeping things simple for your agents. Chat allows you to use triggers to send targeted messages to customers based on their behavior, or see who is browsing your site in real-time and message them based on seen needs. You can even utilize forms to your advantage by putting them before a chat message begins to gain more information about your customer. Chat also has a bot feature that can be used as a support for your human service agents.
  • Analyze – Just like with email interactions, customers can give a rating to a chat experience. Within Chat, you can also monitor real-time data and create business goals for conversion tracking. Review your team’s work and customer satisfaction with chat/agent reports.
  • Customize – Zendesk has customizable chat widgets and chat badges that can make the look and feel of your Chat experience match your companies website and culture. You can also add third-party integrations into your Chat widget; for example, if you have a shopping component to your business, a Shopify integration might make sense.
  • Organize – Just like with Zendesk Support you can set yourself up for success with how you organize. Use tools like roles and permissions, groups, chat routing, and chat tags to get a customer to the right agent or group of agents automatically. You can also do things like utilizing operating hours so chat is only available when there are agents available or create templated responses for common requests so you can deliver quick replies.
  • Social – Use Zendesk Message to let agents connect with customers through messaging apps in an easy and effective way. Agents have the ability to manage multiple customer profiles on one dashboard, get historical info on all previous customer conversations, and transfer customer questions from your chatbot into Message.
  • Mobile – Add Zendesk Chat to your app! Using a mobile chat SDK and a mobile-optimized chat widget you can offer the same wonderful customer service without your customers having to leave your app.

Offering live chat services to your customers through Zendesk will help them feel taken care of faster and isn’t that the ultimate goal? Give them help when they need it and eliminate the back and forth of email, getting them where they need to go in a fraction of the time!

Zendesk offers many different services to help your business serve and respond to your customer’s needs efficiently.

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Need help incorporating Chat into your Zendesk?

Let 729 Solutions help you during this process with training and support. Contact us today and download out Zendesk Workflow Guide!

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