Zendesk Skills Based Routing

Zendesk Skills Based Routing

Zendesk has recently added a new feature to their enterprise-level called Skills-Based Routing. This routing system is yet another way Zendesk aims to streamline your team’s workflow and your clients’ experience with customer service.

Routing lets you set up skills and associate each one of these with individual agents as well as define a set of ticket conditions for each skill. Next, you would configure a view that identifies which tickets match the skills of which agents depending on their abilities and who’s viewing it.

It works by making a list of skills and skill types that can be applied to agents in your team.

Skills are attributes of an agent that dictate their ability to work on a ticket that requires their skill set. A skill can be something the agent can do, like speak a language or other factors about the agent, like where they are located.

Skill types are categories for skills. For example, “Languages” and “Country” are both skill types, and “Spanish” and “Mexico” are individual skills.

Skills need three attributes to be functional:

  • A name
  • Conditions or routing rules that determine when it is necessary for a ticket
  • Agents who have said skill

You can find routing in the admin dashboard listed under the business rules.

Business rules

When you add skills and skill types it will look like this:


When you double click on a specific skill you will be able to modify conditions and assign agents. It will look like this:


If you want to learn more about setting up skills based routing in your Zendesk instance check out this Zendesk article about best practices for set up.

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