Zendesk Sunshine – A New Way to CRM

Zendesk Sunshine – A New Way to CRM

What has your CRM done for you lately?

CRM’s tend to be a bit clunky. Sometimes they are hard to learn and use and that is awfully frustrating when you are trying to offer effective marketing, sales, and customer service. It can feel like you are a bit lost in the dark… Lucky for us, in April of this year, Zendesk launched Sunshine, a new kind of CRM. Built on AWS, Sunshine is flexible and open and gives you the ability to connect all of your customer information no matter where it lives. Sunshine helps to give clarity so you can see the whole customer picture. It pulls data from any tool or application you are using in one place. This is especially useful if your company is large or growing, as it is easily scalable as things expand.

Why is this better than sticking with your existing CRM?

If you are already utilizing Zendesk for your customer care and want to be able to offer more personalization to your clients and more clarity to your agents, admins, marketers, and sales reps, Sunshine might be the right addition to your toolkit. Because it is open-source, not only can it bring together information from any platform, but it can also be customized to meet your companies specific needs, which a regular CRM can’t do.

Some examples of ways you could use Sunshine:

  • See a customer’s entire buy cycle with you: everything they do from browsing to check out to customer support.
  • Use it as a way to monitor the health of your products or assets.
  • See the full scope of all customer interactions.

Anything is possible with Sunshine; it just depends on what your team needs to support the growth of your company and the happiness of your customers. One thing is for sure though, Zendesk Sunshine will absolutely shine a light on your process and help you to improve your customer experience overall by showing you where to improve and what is working.

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