3D Printer Makers

3D Printed Skull

3D printing is becoming a very popular hobby as prices for printers have become much more varied, which has made them more accessible to more people. There are also many websites, blogs, and YouTube Channels, that cater to all aspects of 3D printing, some of them focusing on a specific type of model building like Star Wars droids or focusing on working with a certain type of printer. Here are three makers’ blogs that spend a lot of time 3D printing!

3D Printing Makers


RCLifeOn – This channel is run by Simon Sörensen, where he explores 3D printing and combines it with several of other maker hobbies like electronics and robotics. He makes lots of figurines, creates comic book pieces like this Wolverine glove and lots of remote controlled fun!

Make Anything

Make Anything – The creator of this channel wanted to have a space to showcase their interest in 3D printing and design. Each video focuses on some aspect of 3D printing, whether it is a project, a tip, or a quick fix. This channel contains tons of useful information for those interested in learning more about 3D printing.

Maker Hacks

Maker Hacks – On this YouTube channel you will find videos not only about 3D printing but also about things like, Raspberry Pi, laser engraving, and robots. They also offer a wide range of projects to follow along with, related industry news and gadget reviews.

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