New Growth in Artificial Intelligence

New Growth in Artificial Intelligence

With products like Amazon Alexa and robot companions like Buddy becoming more and more commonplace inside peoples homes as well as in the bigger world around us, we are seeing AI (Artificial Intelligence) advancements moving rapidly and permeating most of the ways that we interact with our environment.

Here are three different ways we are using advancements in AI to benefit ourselves, make life easier, and help us learn better:

An AI that makes road maps from aerial images

While Google has mapped a lot of the world, there is still quite a bit that even the tech giant hasn’t made accessible yet. This MIT team is trying to make mapping the rest of the world a whole lot easier, using a computer system instead of humans to figure things out.

This robot is learning how to dress people

A team at Georgia Institute of Technology created a robotic arm that learned how to put a hospital gown on a person. This might not seem that exciting, but it has huge implications for the direction that AI is going and for those who could benefit from robots that can do things like this, like people with disabilities or those in a hospital.

Soft robotic fish

“SoFi,” is a soft robotic fish that can independently swim alongside real fish in the ocean. Thanks to a team of MIT researchers, this little guy could be used to study sea life that is hard to observe normally and explore spaces that we as humans can’t get to, this little fish could help is make big leaps in underwater exploration.

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