729 Labs and 729 Solutions Unique Approach To Engineering

729 Labs

729 Labs is an offshoot of 729 Solutions, providing a place for our team to play with new ideas and technologies, collaborate with one another to learn about fun and interesting things happening in development, technology, and design, as well to showcase how we do things at 729 Solutions.

We also see this as a better home for “beach” projects, a better outlet for contributions to open source projects, and a way to engage with like-minded engineers around the globe.  729 Labs gives us the opportunity to showcase awesome stuff while highlighting the creative problem-solving skills of the amazing team here at 729.

729 Labs is an opportunity to give back to the community and share what we at 729 believe is a unique approach to engineering: engineering is as much a way of life as it is about the education you may have received. Education may make you more efficient and effective in a professional setting, but good engineers have the mindset that comes from playing with Legos and Erector Sets as a kid: everything is a tool or a component to solve a problem or build a thing.

We see Labs as a chance to broaden the view on who is involved in engineering, tech, and design, by highlighting interesting technologies, platforms, and languages and the variety of people and industries that use them. We know that there are more opportunities for participation in tech than people are led to believe regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, geolocation, handicap, or even just general skill set and abilities.

We can also share our unique philosophy and agile approach demonstrating how we utilize systems and tools to solve problems in creative ways regardless of the never-ending changes and advances in technology, programming languages, and platforms. We want to explore, tinker, make, and learn. 729 Labs allows us to do that, and to share what we learn with others along the way.

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