GIF’s as Communication

Being a company whose employees are scattered throughout the world, we find ourselves here at 729 Solutions frequently using GIF’s to express our emotions, hammer in the point of our message, and just bring a little fun into our work day. You’ll frequently find our team dropping Chuck Norris memes and tiny bits of laughter in the form of a few seconds animation via lossless data compression.

But did you ever wonder how those animations load so quickly and seamlessly into your browser window, onto your phone, and into your mind as a never-ending loop of fun?  For most of us, the answer is likely no.  For all of you nerds out there wondering how a database manages to handle 3 billion GIFs sent out per day, check out this article on the AWS blog about How GIPHY Engineers the Perfect Delivery of a GIF.

Then, next time adorable cuddling cats and dancing mice pop up in a conversation with your friends, you can “wow” them with your expertise on optimized screen types, machine learning models analyzation and transcoding. Enjoy!


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