GitHub Enterprise vs.

GitHub Enterprise vs.

If you are ready to incorporate GitHub as a part of your workflow, then you should first understand why teams choose to go with GitHub Enterprise over working within the infrastructure on


Collaboration is a key part of why people choose GitHub in the first place and can become a huge part of keeping your team up to speed with one and another and having a successful workflow process. With GitHub Enterprise, collaboration and review of code are built right into the development process. Making it easy for your team to share work, discuss changes, and give or get feedback all in one place.


One area where going with Enterprise is a better choice is security. Enterprise runs in a secure space off the web, you can have a much better handle of who and what is accessing information while managing permissions with SAML or LDAP Sync. You can also invite cross-team collaborators while providing essential controls for employees and contractors all in one place.


If security is very important to the work that you do, then the ability to choose your hosting is also going to be very important to your team’s work. Enterprise is available on many different hosting platforms including AWS, Google Cloud platform, and many others, as well as on your own servers or in a private cloud. Furthermore, you can configure your instance to meet your specific security needs.


Part of having a solid team is solid administration, the ability to manage effectively makes all the difference. Enterprise has built-in tools like the Site Admin dashboard to administer your GitHub instance and stay up to speed on what your team is working on and where they are within a project. You can also do things like reviewing your license, browse user reports, backups, and more.


One of the advantages of utilizing Enterprise over is the higher level of support that GitHub Offers. GitHub has one-of-a-kind global support 24/5 meaning throughout the work week you are covered but not on the weekends. With Enterprise you get urgent highly technical support from GitHub 24/7 and that adds a lot of peace of mind for most teams. might be right for you if your security needs are less robust or if you want to collaborate with other developers around the world. The ability to collaborate and communicate with other users is one of the cornerstones of what makes GitHub unique as well as useful in many circumstances.

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