What Level of Zendesk Support Do you need?

What Level of Zendesk Support Do you need?

What Level of Zendesk Support Do you need?

When it comes to deciding what level of Zendesk to start with it really comes down to the needs of your company and the needs of your customer service team, who will be your front line Zendesk users. If your business is small and your service requests are minimal and easy to address a more minimal plan could still give you exactly what you are looking for, while a company that has a high volume of requests in many different languages might need more insights and tools to keep the flow moving and their customers satisfied.

There are five Zendesk levels that can be purchased ranging in price from $5 to $200 dollars per agent. Each of these options offers different features and depending on your needs in terms of reporting, Guide and customization can help you determine which level is right for your business.


This is the basic package it allows you to set up email & social channels, a basic help center as well as web widget and mobile SDK.


Team is a step up from the Essential plan and allows the use of business rules, performance dashboards, public apps, and integrations.


Progressing from the Team plan, Professional provides multilingual content, CSAT surveys as well as, custom reports and dashboards.


Getting everything the Professional plan has to offer, Enterprise also has custom agent roles, multi-brand support, multiple ticket forms, the launch success program, and satisfaction prediction.


Elite is the most comprehensive package available and offers such things as unlimited light agents, 99.9% uptime SLA, 1-hour service level objective, advanced encryption and security, and data center location.

Zendesk is an amazingly powerful tool!

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