How to Move Your Clients to the Cloud as an MSP

How to Move Your Clients to the Cloud as an MSP

The world of hosting has flown off the ground and into the cloud. This can be a challenging transition for some businesses who are reluctant to leave a system they feel familiar with. Training your staff takes time and becoming an expert in new tools is a huge investment. You can short cut this ramp up and still help your customers by partnering with 729 Solutions. We have the experts who can help your clients migrate from on-premise servers and machines into the cloud.

Here are five reasons that Managed Service Providers should help their clients migrate to cloud-based services:

1. Cost Effective

With cloud-based services, clients are able to purchase the right-size and right-priced solutions for where their business currently is. Businesses that are just getting started can begin with a  small amount of cloud storage and computing power, which can then grow and scale along with the business as its needs increase.

2. Improved Security

While it might feel more intuitive to protect data and information by storing it onsite, cloud host providers are actually far more aware and proactive about security measures than the average business owner. It is literally their job to make sure their cloud platform is secure not just from hackers, but also from rogue users and even current or former employees.

3. Incredible Flexibility and Mobility

Businesses are no longer restricted to brick and mortar storefronts, so why would their computing needs be tied to a desktop that is hardwired into a server? With cloud services, information can be securely accessed from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, and on any device that a person might be using.

4. Data Recovery and Loss Prevention

Fire, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and even just regular old power outages can wreak havoc on a business if their data is located on-site, especially when that location is comprised or becomes unsafe. Migrating to the cloud improves your ability to both not lose data, and to recover it more quickly in case of a disaster or unforeseen incident.

Don’t forget that physical disasters are not the only thing that can threaten electronics. Computer viruses, obsolete hardware, theft, and even good old user error have the potential to cripple a business if critical data is only stored in a single location. Using the cloud means that your data is backed up, so if someone spills a cappuccino on their laptop they don’t lose their entire database and bring the whole company to a grinding halt.

5. Increased Collaboration

The cloud is the perfect solution to improving collaboration and helping your team function like a team should, even if they’re not physically located in the same office space. Cloud computing means that team members can share and view information securely across various platforms, often resulting in improved engagement and interest from employees.

With 15 years of software development and technology consulting under our belts, 729 Solutions knows that it can be a challenge to keep up with constantly changing technologies. We invest in the leading cloud SAAS tools and hire the best solutions architects and cloud developers so you don’t have to. We believe that the best way that MSPs can assist their customers is by making sure they have partners with the most talented resources to do the job.

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