New Relic Posts To Read If You Want To Learn More About DevOps

4 New Relic Blog Posts To Read If You Want To Learn More About DevOps

Have you ever wondered how New Relic could be helping you, perhaps in new ways you have never thought of before? The New Relic Blog is full of insightful information and helpful tips on making New Relic work for you as best it can.

Here are four New Relic blog posts we think are worth a read:

5 Ways New Relic Can Help Grow Revenue and Manage Costs

Author Rob Peterson breaks down what he sees as the same three basic needs that pop up for all businesses; to operate faster and more efficiently, to build revenue from digital business, and the imperative to find and capitalize on new digital opportunities. He goes onto explain how New Relic can help make these things easier: by helping to identify errors more quickly New Relic can help boost productivity and control development and other costs.

6 Priorities for Ops in a ‘Serverless’ World

What does it really mean to be serverless and how is that changing the way we store things and interact with the cloud? And do these changes mean soon there won’t be a need for DevOps? Short answer, no. But in the long run, we could see changes to how workflows happen and move and who in your team needs to do what.

What Tools Do Site Reliability Engineers Use?

This post focuses on how to standardize your SRE tools and make sure that your team is all on the same page. The post recommends researching for SRE tools out there and creating the DevOps toolchain that works best for your team and their needs. They recommend New Relic tools like Health Map, Insights, and NRQL as options to incorporate into your team’s workflow.

The New Relic Insights Dashboard API

This post is about getting more control over your dashboards, so you can pinpoint areas where improvement is needed. The Insights Dashboard API is a REST API it offers a collection of endpoints to give Insights’ users more control over the dashboards in their specific sub-accounts or accounts across their organization.

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