New Relic Services and Support

New Relic Services and Support

New Relic offers a wide variety of services and support to their users, as they want to ensure the best experience possible. Through solutions like comprehensive Documentation and New Relic University where you can teach yourself and through their Explorer’s Hub where you can ask questions and connect with others. New Relic has set the bar high in terms of user support services.

Support Center

The Support Center is where you and your team can find help and guidance for issues that might arise while working. The Support Center gives you the ability to search the Documentation section, Explorer’s Hub, and New Relic University all at once.


New Relic offers comprehensive documentation for all aspects of their tool. If you have a question this is probably the first place you should look and one of the best places to find an answer. Find articles detailing everything from infrastructure to plugins.

Explorer’s Hub

Explorer’s Hub is a forum space for asking questions and connecting with New Relic employees and other users. This is a great place for learning new things and finding solutions not presented in their documentation.

New Relic University

New Relic University contains training courses that were created to give your team the best insight possible into the New Relic tool kit. They will also facilitate better decision making and business practices.

Expert Services

Expert Services is where to look if you don’t know where to start with New Relic or how to best implement it. They also offer consulting services. Let New Relic guide you to the best solutions for your company and help you focus your business goals.

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