729 Solutions has the skills, people and process to build high performance applications on AWS.


729 Solutions has the skills, people and process to build high performance applications on AWS.


729 Solutions has the skills, people and process to build high performance applications on AWS.

horsepower your build

It is getting harder and harder to find competent experienced AWS developers and DevOps resources. As a development partner to over 30 fast growing product companies we know the challenge. Backlogs are growing. Your Developers have five projects to finish that you can’t take them off. We get it and we can help. If you are looking for competent resources to help you complete a project click the contact form to tell us about your need and get a quote.


Every business contemplating moving applications from servers to the cloud needs to plan for change. Some apps will run fine…but some won’t. 729 can help you evaluate your dependencies, performance and baselines so you can measure success.

More importantly, we have the right technical talent to refactor or build cloud first apps which will be needed. Our customers expect improved performance combined with a developer friendly toolset to scale their businesses on AWS and 729 will deliver on those goals.

Build an effective CI/CD Pipeline

AWS has an incredible toolset to deliver code faster, safer and more collaboratively. 729 can help you pick the right products and services to streamline your development cycles and enable you to spin up environments and applications quickly. If you want to combine other non AWS tools 729 is also a certified partners to other cloud DevOps tools including Github, Chef, Redis, New Relic, Sophos, Sumologic, PagerDuty and more. We can help integrate all your systems into one sane and practical business logic driven process. Click the form link below to schedule a time for a free review.

build cloud first apps

The best running applications are ones that delight customers. 729 has a 15 year track record of creating exceptional web and mobile applications designed to be performant, stable and achieve your revenue goals. We leverage the incredible suite of AWS services to create exceptional user experiences and products that meet market demands and are purpose built for the cloud. Click the button below to make a time to talk about your idea or projects.


Every product needs to talk to other systems and integrate data from multiple sources, including physical, virtual, cloud-based, API, hybrid, and legacy environments.

As an integrations specialist, 729 Solutions has extensive experience building scalable, fault tolerant solutions that connect your vital business tools. We are a Certified System integrator to more than 30 of the fastest growing technology companies.

If you are looking for competent resources to help you connect all your business systems using AWS, click on the link below to see how we can affordably build your integration.


  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Aurora
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • Dynamo
  • Server & Database Migration
  • RDS for Postgres
  • Cloudfront
  • Serverless stacks

729 Solutions is a leading cloud development agency. We create fast, stable, workflow driven apps with continuous integration and automated deployment processes. But, more than anything, we build amazing user experiences.


“I didn’t need to step in at all and deployment was easy.”

Sarah Feidt

“Their inputs and suggestions were very helpful in steering our product in the right direction.”

Noopur Shankar

Optimal Strategies

“I’ve had a good experience with Rob and the team.”

Stuart Harris

Alta Service


Reach out today. We’ll respond within 24 hours, and can scope your project within 3 days.

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729 Solutions is one of the oldest custom development shops in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Our team is made up of developers versed in every programming language from basic HTML and CSS to Java, Python, and Ruby. We are project managers that can streamline the process, ensuring your project gets done quickly and within budget. We are designers who make you ‘look' good. We are proud of the projects we take on and the quality of work we provide.

We are engineering amazing technology every day.


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