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Our Role

UX/UI Design

Graphic Design

Website Design

Logo Design

Identity Design


Marketing Materials

Monitoring and Maintenance


The 729 Solutions Brand Guide became an integral, time saving resource for tools and assets, helping to align our team and partners on how to use our brand assets.

729 Brand guide Mockups

Problem Statement

Individual team members used several different locations to store our brand assets, templates, etc. From cloud storage solutions to local hard drives, it was hard to make sure we are all using the same versions of our logos, badges, colors, and more.

Without a complete asset and component library our team members were forced to create their own assets which resulted in a less cohesive look and feel for our brand.

In addition, we needed a central location to store the latest versions of our ever-evolving collection of collateral templates, website and UI/UX design templates, and component libraries.

Project Goals

  1. Refine the 729 Solutions’ brand.
  2. Create a central platform to store our brand assets.
  3. Provide tools and assets to align on use for the brand.
  4. Describe for less seasoned users, how to use the brand elements.
  5. Provide tools and assets to align designer thinking.
  6. Create a helpful resource for team members and partners.
  7. Save time (aka money!)

Software Used

Adobe XD
Adobe Id
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Sheets
Google Drive

Development Languages Used







Research Methods

Internal Interviews

Platform Testing

Strategy Sessions

Market Research

Persona Research

Take a quick tour

Take a quick look at the brand guide website here or view our live site.

Brand Guide Flow

Key Focus Areas

How can we make the brand guide easy to use for all teams – tech savvy or not?

How should we structure all tools and assets?

What platform should we use that is easy to update and maintain?

How can we unify brand identity across all platforms and marketing channels?

Core Client Needs

Cohesive Branding

The brand guide must define our brand and provide a library of assets to ensure it is used cohesively.

Resource for all

The brand guide must benefit and help save time for all our internal teams as well as external partners.

Central Location

All tools and assets must be stored and updated in one central location.

Easy to Maintain and Grow

The platform must be easy to update, maintain, and must have the capability to grow.

Easy to use

Our teams and external vendors should be able to use the brand guide and assets with little to no instruction.



This was an interesting challenge that included all teams within our company, from sales to development. It was enlightening to find out how different teams use the brand in different ways, and how this new resource would become a part of their workflow.

Our design team rose to the challenge and created an easy to use website that leaves little to no questions for the end-user. We used various applications to accommodate specific teams and their workflows. Google Slides and Drive store our proposals and presentations as it is the Sales Team’s app of choice. Adobe XD drives our UI/UX templates and streamlines the process between design and dev teams. Assets are easy to find and can be downloaded in various file formats to accommodate each user, depending on their needs.

From a development perspective, our approach was to create a platform that makes it easy for non-developers to maintain in the future. We build the brand guide using the Divi WordPress theme which makes updates extremely easy.

The fact that 729 offers a highly-skilled design and development team and a wide variety of software development skills made a huge difference in effective problem-solving for this project.

Overall, this project allowed 729 Solutions to grow as a provider and showcase that we know how to deploy the best methodologies to solve complex challenges. This project specifically proved that we can offer a one-stop-shop, from research to design and design to development, all in fast turnaround times when the need arises, which truly delights our clients.

The 729 Brand brings together Rob’s personality and my vision for how we present 729 as a company. The 729 Brand Guide tells it’s users how to execute that on a day to day basis.
729 Solutions Logo

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