Bundle Loan

Our Role

UI/UX Services
Website Design Consulting
Logo & Identity Design
Custom Web Application Development
Payment Processor Integration


We helped Bundle Loan turn an idea into reality by building an easy-to-use website that brings clarity to the mortgage purchasing process.

Problem Statement

Bundle Loans needed to create a website that made it simple and easy for users to get a mortgage. They already had an idea, a handful of wireframes, many complicated calculations and a passionate CEO ready to dive in with both feet.

We needed to take the lengthy mortgage buying process and make it accessible for multiple types of users. As a startup, the client also needed us to find room for growth opportunity in their business model.

Project Goals

  1. Establish a logo and brand identity.
  2. Determine the full scope of the project.
  3. Phase the approach to accommodate the client’s budget.
  4. Design a UI and UX that simplifies the complex mortgage buying process.
  5. Develop a custom website that’s flexible enough for future growth.
  6. Integrate the website with a payment processor for monthly recurring subscriptions.

Development Languages Used


Tools Used


Frameworks Used

Ruby on Rails



Software Used


Research Methods

Market research analysis

User Flow and Journey Mapping

Persona Research

Design Workshops

Key Focus Areas

What are the challenges or barriers to use in the industry?

How can and should the persona types interact?

How can we give the user explicit control over information sharing with personas?

What part of the mortgage buying process is the most confusing for users?

How can we quickly guide users through the process and educate them at the same time?

Core Client Needs


Protecting users’ personal information was of paramount importance.

The customer needed us to believe in their mission of making it easier to get a mortgage.

Bundle Loans needed a user experience consultant that offered a full set of services.

In close collaboration with Bundle Loans, 729 Solutions used wireframes, user flows and personas to develop a solution that supports a simple, easy user experience.

What we learned

This project ended up being much larger and more complex than any of us could have anticipated. New personas came out of the woodwork and we suddenly needed to account for new user journey scenarios.

From a technical standpoint, this project was an opportunity for the development team to integrate with Stripe to implement recurring monthly subscription payments on the site. It was also a chance for the team to expand on their experience with React to satisfy UI/UX requirements.

It was of the utmost importance to take all of the technical details and behind-the-scenes UI/UX work and boil it all down into a simple user experience. By working closely with the client, 729 Solutions made this happen and the client was thrilled with the results.

quotation marks

We started working with 729 at the earliest stages of Bundle and the team was integral in our Minimum Viable Product release. The design team did an awesome job defining granular user personas and created the foundation for the look and feel of our brand.

Eric Major - CEO

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