Psychiatric Alternatives

Our Role

UX/UI Design
Graphic Design
Website Design
Logo Design
Identity Design
Custom Software Development
Marketing Materials
Monitoring and Maintenance


729 solutions has become this client’s one-stop-shop full stack development team, design consultant, and maintenance expert. we keep their systems running smoothly at all times.


Problem Statement

Psychiatric Alternatives needed to find a development team to take over existing systems that had been developed over time and needed upgrades and enhancements. They contacted 729 Solutions hoping we could step in and maintain their existing frontend and backend code, while providing a constant rollout of new features.

In addition, they needed a full rebranding of their visual identity. Their logo, colors, and general appearance looked outdated and their user experience was not intuitive. They longed for a one-stop-shop to cover all the bases at once.

project goals

  1. Enhance system stability.
  2. Provide a pathway to meet compliance requirements.
  3. Maintain the system and resolve issues in a timely manner.
  4. Implement new feature sets.
  5. Improve performance.
  6. Improve visual branding.
  7. Provide an innovative and intuitive user interface.

Software Used

Adobe Xd
Adobe Id
Adobe Ai

development languages used





tools used



New Relic



Research Methods

Market Research Analysis

Information Architecture


Our Team

key focus areas

How can we make the system as stable as possible?

How can we improve the user experience?

How can we keep up with changes to medical billing?

How can we unify brand identity across all platforms and marketing channels?

core client needs

The system must remain responsive and available during business hours with as little downtime as possible.

The team maintaining and improving the system must be able to respond to needs quickly and be able to effectively deal with outages or new feature requests.

The team taking over the system must be an established and known team that will reliably stick around for years into the future.

We appreciate all of you so much. You’re work and support is top notch.


This was an interesting challenge for both our design and development teams. It involved working within the box of the client’s boundaries while thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions.

On the development side of things, the original base code did not come with much in the way of physical documentation or examples. We took the initiative to meet with the original code writer to gather their knowledge. From there, we made massive improvements to the system and added new functionality.

For the design team, it was about finding a balance between the clean, professional look that’s expected in the medical field with the client’s desire to add some uniqueness and personality to their brand.

We found the perfect blend between these two requirements and delivered a fresh identity that instantly connected on a deep level with Psychiatric Alternatives and their clients.

The fact that 729 offers a highly-skilled team and a wide variety of development tools made a huge difference in effective problem-solving for this client.

Overall, this project allowed 729 Solutions to grow as a provider and showed that we know how to deploy the best methodologies to solve complex challenges. It also proved that we can offer extremely fast turnaround times when the need arises, which truly delights our clients.

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