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Zendesk Integration


729 solutions helped this client navigate a challenging zendesk integration for its busy customer call center.

Our success is shown in the numbers:

Call center costs decreased by 50% and customer satisfaction increased by 20%.


Problem Statement

Pure Flix is the leading video streaming service for faith-focused family-friendly entertainment content. This company places a high value on customer service and needed help implementing Zendesk for their customer service management.

Project Goals

  1. Implement Zendesk as smoothly as possible.
  2. Solve integration problems quickly with expert help from 729 Solutions.
  3. Lower operational costs for the Pure Flix call center.
  4. Improve customer satisfaction with call center interactions.

729 is proud to be a Zendesk Implementation Premier Partner.

Zendesk Implementation Premier Partner

development languages used




Mojo Helpdesk


Portable LiteDB

MySQL Database

Core Client Needs


Pure Flix is a streaming entertainment service, so it had to remain up and running at all times with no interruption in customer service for its subscribers.


The team needed to integrate Zendesk into Pure Flix’s existing setup quickly, smoothly, and professionally, solving any problems that arose.

Savings and Service

Pure Flix hoped to decrease costs for its customer call center while at the same time improving its customer service ratings.



729 Solutions rose to this challenge and showed our skills as Zendesk integration experts. Whenever an issue surfaced, our client could trust us to quickly find a workable solution that would keep the project right on track.

We learned that it’s possible for an extremely busy call center to see a full 50% reduction in costs after the smooth implementation of a customer service management platform. This client’s customer satisfaction with the call center increased from 70% to 90%, which is quite impressive.

Based on our own client satisfaction research regarding this client and others, we found that some of 729 Solutions’ highest areas of client satisfaction include experience/expertise, communication, flexibility, supportiveness, and quality.

729 were very knowledgeable and helped us through our Zendesk transition. It was just good to be able to ask someone questions as they arose.
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