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Problem Statement

Sundance Institute needed a UX consultant who could improve the usability of their site and provide a smooth interface for film lovers and festival attendees.

They also needed a web design consultant to create a website experience that matched their valuable brand identity and provided a memorable online experience.

On-Site with Sundance

Julio and Nikki
729 Team at Sundance
Julio and Nikki
Internal Interviews

Project Goals

  1. Establish and document the project requirements.
  2. Interview the stakeholders.
  3. Recommend an optimal future site structure.
  4. Define user personas.
  5. Recommend optimizations for multiple user journeys.
  6. Identify marketing opportunities.
  7. Determine and perform user testing.
  8. Create wireframes and prototypes.
  9. Vastly improve the user experience.
  10. Create an engaging site with year-round interest.
  11. Stay cost-efficient.
Mobile Sundance Mockups

Software Used

Adobe XD
Lucid Chart

Development Languages Used




Frameworks Used

Intuit CSS

Research Methods

This client was already quite familiar with user experience research and implementation, so we found ourselves working in perfect harmony with them as user experience consultants.

Customer Interviews

Internal Stakeholder Interviews

Market Research Analysis

Internal Business Analysis

Prototype Based User Testing

Persona Research

User Flow and Journey Mapping

Workflow / User Journey

User Flow

Key Focus Areas

What are the challenges or barriers within the industry?

What are the internal challenges and barriers that Sundance faces?

How do we address the persona type overlap?

How do we appeal to a wide demographic of personas?

How do we marry engagement goals with the educational mission?

How can we make website maintenance quick and easy for internal teams?

Where should the website leave off and the mobile app pick up?

Core Client Needs


Sundance needed a UX consultant to serve as an all-in-one solution to their user experience challenges.

Phased implementation

Sundance needed to roll out user experience features on a phased basis and not overwhelm internal or external customers.

Belief in the cause

They needed UX consultants who believed in their cause, which is to serve artists around the world.

Unbiased recommendations

A key feature they needed was unbiased recommendations regarding user experience for internal teams and external users.

Easy collaboration

The client needed a user experience consultant who could collaborate seamlessly with their own technical team.


Sundance had been through a light version of a UI/UX process in the past, so our primary contacts there knew how the process would work. We learned that these are our favorite kinds of clients! They understand the benefits of doing things at the right scale.

The website design consulting process was easier than we expected because our Sundance contacts were savvy professionals who understood the benefits of doing everything correctly, right from the start. We saw them take their already-successful site to a completely new level by providing an intensely intuitive user experience that’s fun and memorable.

729 Solutions developed this client’s user experience and web solutions by creating in-device features, mapping user flows, creating wireframes and mock-ups, doing persona builds and implementing a new web architecture. We supercharged the user experience and worked as a website design consultant to take this festival’s site to an entirely new level of usability and engagement.

In addition, we developed a business requirements document (BRD) for them, which allowed us to really dig deeper into their business and understand it on a microscopic level. A BRD is a powerful document that can benefit any company – maybe even yours.

729 took the time to understand more than just our UI/UX concerns - they explored our business goals as well. This has allowed us to make decisions that consider the larger, long term vision, in addition to solving the immediate needs we brought to the table.

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