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Vault is a fake company name to protect our client’s identity.

Our Role

UI Design
Logo / Identity Design
Zendesk Guide Implementation
Custom Portal Build


729 solutions created a self service portal by stretching the limitations of zendesk guide to meet customer needs.


Problem Statement

This client, one of the World’s Leading Foreign Exchange Platforms, needed a solution to pull data from their various 3rd party tools into a user portal so that their clients could access details about their accounts in one consolidated place.

This particular client chose Zendesk Guide to be the single place for information to display, but the concept could be applied to a custom build as well. Zendesk Guide does not present this functionality out of the box – so 729 Solutions set out to customize it to accommodate the client’s needs.


The system we built is made up of two components – Portal and Sync that use HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby. These two components are separate from each other. The Portal produces elements that are shown on the homepage of Zendesk Guide. This displays information about users invoices, documents, and roles. Each user is only shown the information that is relevant to them based on their role within the client’s organization. Users can review information, as well as make updates through this interface. Updates are stored within Zendesk as well as sent to the other systems.

In order to make this happen, the Portal connects to Zoho and Quickbooks API, and pulls information into Zendesk to provide this information. This information is then correlated and displayed to the user, taking the user’s role into account for what can be displayed and what should not be displayed.

The Sync pulls data from a separate Zoho instance, and syncs that data to the Client’s Zoho instance. The combined data from these two Zoho instances are then synced to Zendesk to create Accounts/Organizations and Contacts/Users every 24 hours.

Zendesk Implementation Premier Partner

729 is proud to be a Zendesk Implementation Premier Partner.

development languages used





tools used




framework used

Ruby on Rails



key focus areas

Data Sync Between 3rd Party Tools

Role Based User Capabilities

Zendesk Guide Integration


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