Proper Drone Training Is Crucial to Safe Flying For All

drone training

Proper drone training is becoming increasingly important to gain before releasing your new gadget into the skies. The relationship between drone operations and aviation has become progressively complex, and with more drones entering the skies the FAA is implementing new regulations in the name of safety.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time until tragedy strikes, so it’s critical that information and educational materials are made available to drone operators. It could potentially help save lives and will help to preserve the recreational aspects of the hobby.

My flight instructor, Jason Miller at , has released a training app called “Drone Pro” to help hobbyists learn proper drone training with airplanes and other aircrafts in mind. Jason addresses the issues surrounding drone flying with other aircrafts and his app in a recent video on The Finer Points YouTube.

For more info about drone flying or flight instruction visit The Finer Points website or subscribe to their patreon! And if you are ready to try out their new training app check out for all the details.

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