Qvasa: Finally Bringing Alerting and Monitoring to Zendesk



Qvasa is an innovative software solution, specifically tailored for Zendesk customer support environments. It uniquely addresses a critical gap in Zendesk’s capabilities: real-time alerting and monitoring. This feature is a game-changer for customer support operations, ensuring proactive management and high responsiveness.

Core Feature: Alerting and Monitoring

Direct Integration with Zendesk

  • Real-Time Alerts: Qvasa’s monitoring system tracks ticket states and attributes in Zendesk, sending instant alerts when predefined thresholds are breached. This enables teams to react swiftly to changing support dynamics.
  • Insightful Monitoring: By continuously tracking ticket trends, Qvasa provides deep insights into customer support patterns, essential for managing volumes and response times.

Case Study: Rapid Server Downtime Response

In an instance where users began experiencing login difficulties, Qvasa demonstrated its invaluable alerting capabilities. Login issues can often go undetected by traditional monitoring systems, slipping under the radar. In this situation, Qvasa acted as an essential early warning system. It was the first to detect an unusual surge in customer complaints regarding login problems. This prompt detection by Qvasa alerted the client’s support team, who were then able to quickly communicate the issue to their engineering team. The swift identification and resolution of the login issue exemplify Qvasa’s critical role in real-time problem detection and its effectiveness in averting potential service disruptions and customer dissatisfaction.

Setting Up and Utilizing Qvasa

  • Simple Installation: Integrating Qvasa with Zendesk is straightforward, just install the Qvasa Zendesk app.
  • Customizable Alerts: Users can set specific thresholds or trendline thresholds for various ticket states and attributes, tailoring the monitoring system to their unique needs.

Benefits and Best Practices

  • Efficient Operation: Once set, Qvasa’s alerting system operates autonomously, requiring minimal oversight while offering maximum operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Proactive issue resolution and improved response times directly contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels.


Qvasa redefines customer support within Zendesk, offering unmatched alerting and monitoring capabilities. It’s an essential tool for any modern customer support operation. Visit Qvasa’s website for more information or set up a meeting with our Certified Zendesk Solutions Architect, Brandon Tidd, to learn more and find out how to start a free Qvasa trial.


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