Tip #2: Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022


When it comes to Customer Support, is your organization providing conversational care experiences? You should know customers expect this when interacting with companies. Learn more in today’s CX Quick Tip and remember to register for Zendesk CX Trends 2022



James: We’re back once again with “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022.” I am James, and joining me is Brandon Tidd, our Zendesk Guru and CX Champion at 729 Solutions. Welcome back, Brandon!

Brandon: Let’s get into it!

James: Well, we’re almost there. Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” event is tomorrow February 10th, and you’ve given us some insightful tips during this countdown to that event.

So yeah, indeed, let’s get into it! Tip #2, Brandon.

Brandon: So more than 70% of customers expect conversational care experiences when they engage with companies these days. And it’s not just Gen Z or millennials that are driving that trend. In fact, I find it fascinating that more than two thirds of customers over the age of 40 are also seeking seamless, conversational engagement with companies.

James: Interesting. So this kind of wedges with the conversation that we had yesterday with AI.

Brandon: Yeah. And just beyond that, having the ability to have a seamless conversation across channel, starting with a phone call, transitioning to an email without having to repeat yourself or go back and look for other information and authenticate again, it’s a huge plus for customer experience.

James: Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729 Solutions. Thanks for another great tip, Brandon! Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” event is coming up on February 10th. Be sure to register now! Check the video description for the registration link.

Thanks once again, Brandon. We’ll see you tomorrow for our final tip, Tip #1 in our countdown of the “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022”

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