Tip #3: Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022


In today’s CX Quick Tip, Brandon looks into his crystal ball! The adoption (and acceptance) of Artificial Intelligence will increase in Customer Support during 2022. Is your organization ready? Register now for Zendesk CX Trends 2022



James: We are back with “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022”. My name is James and joining me once again is Brandon Tidd, our Zendesk Guru and CX Champion at 729. It’s great to have you back, Brandon.

Brandon: Happy to be here!

James: Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” virtual event is coming up on February 10th, and we’re on the homestretch with our countdown leading up to that event. Just three more tips to go. On that note, let’s get into it, Brandon. What is Tip #3?

Brandon: Yeah, let’s, uh, let’s predict the future a little bit. Uh, cause that’s a big portion of what CX Trends is doing at Zendesk, and what we found here in the survey is that 72% of respondents agree that AI is good for society, and it will continue to make larger inroads into CX in the year ahead.

In fact, there’s already been a 23% increase year-over-year in respondent’s willingness to interact with a chat bot on simple issues. Stress on the word “simple” there.

James: This was a fascinating one for me. Um, you know, I mean, it sounds like the adoption of AI is just becoming more and more “acceptable.”

Brandon: Yeah. And, uh, again, with simple answers. With the more complex stuff, sometimes just like with self-driving cars, sometimes it’s just better to have a human behind the wheel.

James: Indeed! Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729 Solutions where we are a full service agency providing design, UI/UX, development and professional services, including of course, Zendesk implementation and integrations.

And you can learn more about us at 729solutions.com. And remember Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” event is coming up on February 10th. So be sure to register now! 729 Solutions is a sponsor for this event where you will learn how your company can drive growth with customer service. Check the video description for the registration link.

Thanks as always Brandon! We’ll see you tomorrow for Tip #2 as we continue our countdown of the “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022”

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