Tip #4: Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022


Does your Customer Support team feel empowered to do their job well? In today’s CX Quick tip, Brandon talks about the importance of taking care of support agents in your organization. Zendesk CX Trends 2022 is on February 10. Register now!



James: Hello, and welcome back to “Top 10 Tips for Successful CX in 2022.” My name is James. I am the Studios Director at 729 Solutions, and joining me is our Zendesk Architect at 729, Brandon Tidd. Brandon, thanks for joining me once again.

Brandon: It feels like we just talked.

James: Indeed, it does! Well, let’s jump right into Tip #4. Take it away, Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah. So this one, we’re kind of turning the lens back on the agents and the folks that are actually responding to those customers, because only 15% of agents are extremely satisfied with their workloads and a mere 20% report feeling the same way about the quality of training that they receive. In fact, overall less than 30% feel empowered to do their jobs well.

James: So the “take home message” here seems to be very powerful. You got to take care of your agents.

Brandon: Yeah. And, um, you know, beyond that, uh, think about how they’re treated, uh, with respect to the rest of the organization. 1/3 of the respondents said that the CS Team is not treated as well as the other departments, and only 14% are extremely satisfied with the career path that is open to them.

James: Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Guru and CX Champion at 729 Solutions. Thanks for yet another helpful tip, Brandon!

Brandon: Of course!

James: As a reminder to our listeners, Zendesk’s “CX Trends 2022” event is coming up on February 10th. Be sure to register now! You can find a registration link in the video description. Thanks again, Brandon. We’ll see you tomorrow for tip number three.

Brandon: Talk to you then.

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