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Dive deep into the future of customer experience and support with our latest video featuring insights on Generative AI from Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729 Solutions.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Exclusive Insights into Generative AI – Learn how Generative AI can revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers, making experiences more friendly, personal, and interactive. You will discover the incredible potential of AI in enhancing customer journeys.
  • Thoughtful Analysis and Predictions – Find out why leaning into AI trends is vital for staying ahead in the competitive landscape as we move into 2024 and beyond. Discover how Generative AI not only supports agents in understanding customer issues faster but also shapes future AI trends in customer experience.
  • Zendesk’s CX Trends 2024 – Get a sneak peek into Zendesk’s CX Trends virtual event, with a special focus on Generative AI. Understand why this year’s event is a must-attend for anyone looking to elevate their business’s customer support and experience.

Why Watch

This video is geared towards anyone seeking to leverage the latest in AI technology to create unmatched customer interactions.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer service approach or stay at the forefront of innovations in technology, this video is perfect for understanding and applying Generative AI in practical, impactful ways.

Event Reminder

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Zendesk CX Trends 2024 virtual event on February 15th. Register now to reserve your spot and be part of transforming the future of customer experiences.

Video Transcript

James: Did you know that customers want companies to use all the information they have about them to make their shopping and customer support experiences feel friendly and special, just for them? 

Hello. My name is James. I’m the Studio’s Director at 729 Solutions, and joining me to talk about how you can use artificial intelligence to level up your customers’ experiences is Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729.

Thanks for meeting with us, Brandon. 

Brandon: Happy to be here. 

James: Well, I’m excited to have you on because it’s that time of the year again. Zendesk’s CX Trends virtual event is just around the corner. But unlike past years where we’ve talked about all of the trends shaping the customer experience space, This year, we’re focusing on Generative AI.

So let’s get into it, Brandon. Talk to us about how Generative AI will allow companies to provide customers with more personable experiences and support. 

Brandon: Yeah. So AI is everywhere right now, especially in the CX space. You can’t really turn away from a computer without hearing somebody talking about AI, whether it’s Meta and Google and Microsoft and OpenAI and making large investments in these large language models and these bots that are gonna take over the world.

It’s really playing an impact in the Zendesk CX space. And what we’re seeing Zendesk do is kind of unique in the space is that… we’re taking more of an agent focused approach first of helping the agents become more efficient using Generative AI with things like ticket summarization, intent matching, sentiment tracking, and really just overall helping the agent very quickly get into the root of the customer’s problem, which is a lot different than exposing that customer’s experience directly to AI and relying on the generative AI component to provide the right answer. 

I think we’re gonna see this trend continue to accelerate throughout 2024, and it’s gonna be really fascinating to watch and see how companies respond and evolve. And I can tell you one thing, it’s the companies that do lean into AI trends and stay on the forefront of this technology, they’re going to be in the best position for success heading into the new year. 

James: Brandon Tidd, Zendesk Architect at 729 Solutions, where we are a full service agency providing design, development, professional services, and AI consulting. You can learn more about us at 729solutions.com

The Zendesk CX Trends 2024 virtual event is coming up on February 15th, so be sure to register now. Check the video description for the registration link and to download the CX Trends report.

Thanks again, Brandon. 

Brandon: Take care.

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