Using Kubernetes on AWS

Kubernetes on AWS

Kubernetes on AWS

Is your team looking for a solution to orchestrating a multi-cloud operating system? Kubernetes on AWS might be the solution you are looking for. Kubernetes is an open-source container management and orchestration tool that uses AWS as a platform.

How Does Kubernetes Work?

Kubernetes manages clusters of instances and runs containers on these for processes, scaling, maintenance and deployment. When managing a cluster of compute instances, Kubernetes schedules containers to run on a cluster based on the available resources and the requirements of each container. Containers run in groupings called pods, a pod can scale and run one or many containers at once.

Kubernetes software decides when, where, and how to run your pods by managing traffic, and scaling pods based on utilization or other defined metrics. Kubernetes works by making choices for your pods based on resource requirements and will automatically start, stop, and restart pods if there are issues or failures anywhere in the system. All pods are given a unique IP address and DNS name to help Kubernetes connect all your services with each other and external applications.

Why Use Kubernetes?

  • Run Anywhere – run Kubernetes clusters on AWS while simultaneously maintaining compatibility with other Kubernetes deployments.
  • Add New Functionality – because Kubernetes is open source, adding and changing functionality is fairly easy. Anyone in the large community of developers can create plugins, integrations, and extensions for the Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Move Applications – easily move applications between development and production deployment all within the cloud.
  • Run Applications at Scale – run defined containerized applications at scale across an array of servers.

How Kubernetes Runs On AWS

AWS lets you run Kubernetes through their system in a few different ways, but each way helps to maintain powerful integrations, security, service discovery, and scalability.

  • Amazon EC2 – recommended for completely managing your Kubernetes deployment. With EC2 you can arrange and run Kubernetes on selected powerful instance types.
  • Amazon EKS – runs Kubernetes when you do not need to manage or plan instances.
  • Amazon ECR – maintain fast deployment by storing and managing encrypted container images.

If you are ready to orchestrate your new multi-cloud operating system then check out how 729 Solutions can help you find the right plan of action as well as explain all of the unique ways AWS could help your team maintain and grow a worthwhile system.

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