Zendesk Gets Even Better with Custom Surveys

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Are you getting what you need from your Zendesk surveys?

Every business wants to learn from their customers. Getting the right feedback from your client base can be invaluable when building and keeping their trust long term. Even when you are using a tool like Zendesk, finding the right way to get the information that you seek can still be a challenge. Companies are seeking out support for custom surveys and data gathering because they want to better understand how their Zendesk instance is supporting their customers. They want to address unhappy customers faster and often need more detail than the standard survey Zendesk provides.

Surveypal can make your Zendesk surveys work for you!

Whether you seek to improve the customer support experience, monitor agent performance, or simply react to negative feedback more efficiently, Surveypal has got you covered. Their Zendesk survey integration enables you to expand your Zendesk surveying capabilities, customize your survey questions to the needs of your business, and enhance every single customer interaction with real-time feedback. You can start listening to the voice of your customers and deliver the desired experience just by following these steps:

  • Create engaging, customized surveys
  • Choose when to trigger your survey straight from Zendesk
  • Collect customer feedback and measure KPIs such as CSAT, NPS, CES, and more
  • Access real-time feedback data in your Zendesk ticket, user, or satisfaction fields
  • Create custom reports

729 Can Help Implement Surveypal into your Zendesk instance

Whether you get one of our Zendesk efficiency reports, or you come to us specifically looking for a survey solution – 729 can help. We have the expertise to set up your Zendesk instance so that integrating with Surveypal is a smooth experience. Allow your team to stay on track while we focus on making sure everything works!

Complete an Efficiency report

  • Check that you are making the most of your Zendesk instance and utilizing what you have to its fullest capacity.
  • Suggest and recommend changes to improve instance.
  • Complete the recommended changes as you wish.

Prepare for the addition of Surveypal

  • Identify the kind of information that you need to collect from your surveys.
  • Help determine the look and feel of surveys.
  • Help set up proper business rules (triggers, automations etc) within Zendesk so that Surveypal works its best.
  • Install the Surveypal app or act as support for your team during install process.

Post Integration

  • Work to ensure you are fully utilizing the benefits of Surveypal
  • Further curate business rules, so you get the most out of Surveypal.

Surveys can make all the difference

As a Zendesk Premier Implementation Partner, 729 Solutions believes if you have the right solution for your customer feedback surveys, then those surveys can actually help to propel your business and make it better. Custom surveys through Surveypal can give you greater insight into customer satisfaction, help find problems in your feedback system and allows you to better address and focus on unhappy customers in a meaningful way.

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