3 Unique Maker Youtube Channels to subscribe to Right Now


The Maker community is a long-standing space where people take DIY to the next level. Makers explore engineering in a non-constrained environment and give others jumping-off points for getting into things like electronics, woodworking, or 3D printing. Maker blogs and YouTube channels showcase incredibly smart and creative people, problem-solving in new and interesting ways through their projects. The following 3 Makers stand out as unique and innovative in their approach to DIY.


  • Colin Furze – Everything about this Maker is wild and crazy, his projects are about metal fabrication, building things like game and film gadgets, bike modifications and larger than life inventions that often spit fire! Colin is worth checking out even if you never plan on making a 20ft Fire Tornado Firework Launcher!
  • I Like To Make Stuff – Bob Clagett does it all! His website, YouTube channel and book have videos about projects including woodworking, electronics, 3D printing, prop making, and more.
  • How to Make Everything – Andy George says they are “challenging the way we see and consume the world” and that seems like a pretty accurate way to describe this unique approach to a makers blog. The videos he shares teach how to create everyday items from scratch like cosmetics, or eyeglasses and gives you the history and facts about each thing for a better understanding of how they are made and where they come from.

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