We get to work with many amazing Bay Area companies and sometimes they enjoy working with us so much they write about us!

Nouvola was a company that worked to provide load testing software and capabilities. 729 needed help making API’s more resilient within a mobile application we were creating for video sharing. As we were expecting a surge of users after the launch of this app, we tried to proactively identify potential performance chokepoints with the help of Nouvola. We needed a system that could accurately test the backend of the application and evaluate if the system was prepared for a large influx of new users. Learn about how they helped us get to the level we needed to be at in this case study put out by Nouvola earlier this year.

Check out the cast study at nouvola.com/case-study-how-729-solutions-made-their-apis-resilient-to-large-bursts-of-traffic/.

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