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Arlo Hitzemann

Meet Arlo!

We love to showcase the awesome people who work here at 729 Solutions because they are more than just great employees – they are creative and interesting people! Today we spoke with Arlo, a Creative Designer at 729, who also provides support for graphic design, brand management, and UI/UX design.
Arlo has lived all around the globe, but currently calls Virginia Beach, Virginia, home!

Arlo Hitzemann

Tell us more!

We asked Arlo to answer a few questions for us. Here are his thoughtful responses.

What do you like about working for 729?

729 gives me the opportunity to explore new avenues of design. The projects I work on are both challenging and engaging, and I love the opportunities that 729 gives me to advance my career and learn new skills.
I also really like the camaraderie that we have in the Studios Division of 729. Every day I get to work with a variety of people from all around the globe while having the freedom to do my own work from anywhere with internet access!

What are your hobbies?

I love spending time outdoors, whether on sea or land. I can often be found hiking through the beautiful Virginia countryside before setting up camp for the night. I’m also an avid surfer and have spent many hours on my board trying to catch that perfect wave. When I’m spending time indoors, cooking is my go-to activity and I love making food to share with my friends and family.

What are you doing to entertain yourself during COVID-19 Stay At Home orders?

Entertaining myself at home has been hard at times. I’ve stepped up my game in the kitchen by perfecting home-made bread, as well as pizza on the BBQ grill! I’m lucky enough to live in close proximity to both the beach and state nature parks, so I have been able to get my outdoor fix throughout the pandemic. Spending time at the beach and in the woods (all while socially distant, of course) really helped me keep my sanity over the last few months.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

We’re all so busy-busy-busy all the time, and often are always looking ahead to find “the next thing.” This can really detract from enjoying the life that we’re actually living. Therefore, the best piece of advice I’ve been given is “don’t rush through life.” I try to implement this by slowing down and enjoying the present moment.

What advice would you give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars?

Our team here at 729 is pretty amazing; we have people who have been with the team for years, so it can feel intimidating at times. My best advice is to just be yourself and leave your ego at the door.

Cats or dogs?

I used to be a cat person, but then dogs entered my life and I haven’t looked back.

What is your favorite word in the English language?

I love the word “off-the-grid,” because it gives me a sense of solitude and implies I am disconnected from the craziness our society throws at us every day. This is probably why I enjoy spending so much time in nature, where I can relax and not feel societal pressures.

What is your favorite word in another language?

German is one of my native languages, so of course, my favorite word in another language is from German. The word is “Einwandfrei,” which means “one wall free.” It’s one of those fun compound words that doesn’t really make a lot of sense outside of the German language and culture.

What is the most inspiring part of your job?

I really enjoy all of the creative problem solving that I get to do in my job. Each client and each project can be so unique, with completely different needs and pain points from other projects I’ve worked on. I love having to think creatively to come up with the perfect solution for each individual client, making sure we’re meeting their needs and solving their own unique problems.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

My superpower would be to create perfect waves, anytime and anywhere. I’d go by the alias “The Wavemaker,” and I’d be a hero to all other surfers and big wave enthusiasts. The ocean off my current home in Virginia Beach has no waves, so this superpower would come in handy every day!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a soccer star! Bright lights, fans chanting my name, scoring the game-winning goal! Not at all a stereotypical childhood dream for a German kid, right?

If you were a pasta shape, what shape would you be and why?

I would be fusilli because I like to be silly! Also, I’ve got to give credit to Kramer from the TV show Seinfield for credit. I love the episode where Frank sits on one of Kramer’s pasta sculptures made of fusilli!

Is there anything else you’d like the world to know about you?

I spent six months building out my VW Westfalia Eurovan, named “Bustavo.” It’s the perfect vehicle for taking camping trips with my beautiful wife and our four-legged and furry child.

“I love the word ‘off-the-grid’ because it gives me a sense of solitude and implies I am disconnected from the craziness our society throws at us every day.”

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