Here at 729 Solutions we see a lot of value in the products that New Relic offers developers and think there are many ways to improve your workflow by utilizing them. Just like our last New Relic post, we want to showcase and take a look at it’s fabulous products.

Here are three more awesome New Relic tools with amazing features:

Mobile – This monitoring tool can help you keep track of all aspects of your mobile applications. This tool offers features that are specific to the needs of those building mobile apps.

  • Network Performance – Have complex environments? Understand whats happening with your mobile app using the detailed summaries and wide range of reporting options offered through mobile.
  • App Performance – See exactly how an app is performing and get in depth information on how users are interacting with your product.
  • Usage Features – This feature helps you understand how many people are using each version of your app and how well each version is performing.
  • Crash Reporting – Get detailed insights and metrics when your app crashes, allowing you to analyze all the way down into the code.
  • Alerting and Collaboration – Don’t miss anything by setting alerts and warnings for important milestones or critical thresholds. This feature also allows you to create custom dashboards and leave your teammates notes attached to code.
  • Security – New Relic offers excellent security and prides itself on being top notch. Review their security features here.

Synthetics – Find problems and issues before your clients do.

  • Monitor Functionality – Create customized testing to be sure that important transactions are taking place error-free.
  • Deep Dive Troubleshooting – Get notified the moment something goes wrong, and learn exactly what needs to be fixed using in depth troubleshooting metrics and analytics.
  • Application Lifecycle – Monitor your apps performance from beginning to end, from starting development to all the way beyond deployment by connect to New Relic Synthetics for analytics integrations and using the historical comparison feature.
  • Alerting and Customer Satisfaction –  Maintain SLAs and customer satisfaction using alerts. Synthetics is always on, which means it is always working to ensure your apps success.

Browser – Offering powerful insights into webpage load times.

  • Page Load Performance – Provide insight into the factors affecting the performance of page load timing.
  • Browser Performance – Understand your endusers experience based on browser type through Browser dashboards.
  • Other dashboards – Get dashboards specifically for AJAX and Javascript.

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