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Our Role

UI/UX Consulting
Website Design Consulting
Dashboard Design
Custom Software Development



Alta Food Cart Dashboard 1
Alta Food Cart Dashboard 2
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Problem Statement

AltaFoodcraft and its sister company, Associated Services, wanted to join forces to create a custom experience for business clients. Their existing platform wasn’t meeting their expectations, had an old-fashioned user interface and didn’t provide the analytics they needed.

They needed a user experience consultant to create a site experience that supported educated buying decisions. 

Project Goals

    1. Determine the full scope of the project.
    2. Phase the approach.
    3. Design an intuitive, easy-to-use UX.
    4. Develop a custom dashboard that’s flexible enough for future growth.
    5. Integrate the website with the client’s existing CRM.
Alta Food Cart Desktop Dashboard 1
Alta Food Cart Desktop Dashboard  2

Development Languages Used


Tools used


Frameworks Used

Ruby on Rails




External API Integration (SAP Business 1)

Software Used

Adobe XD Icon

Research Methods

Market research analysis

User Flow & Journey Mapping

Design Workshops

Alta Food Cart Desktop Dashboard 1
Alta Food Cart Desktop Dashboard  2

key focus areas

What are the challenges or barriers to use in the industry?

What kinds of features and functionality are available for each persona type?

How can we handle large differences in information type in different components?

How can we use a single code base for both businesses with different brand identities?

What information is available to us from the client’s existing CMS?

What can we do for customers that is better than the client’s competitors?

How can we provide an all-encompassing experience with room for growth?

Core client needs

Understanding the cause

The customer needed UI/UX consultants and web design consultants who understood their cause.

Larger vision

In terms of web design, they had a larger vision for the project that included two separate, but sister, businesses. Their user experience consultant needed to understand and explain a larger vision for the project and the scope of the two businesses’ long-term needs.

Tech collaboration

The website design consultant and UI/UX lead needed to work collaboratively with their team.

Phased implementation

The client needed the roll-out to happen over time.

729 Solutions created a dashboard and user interface that provided a natural and educational user flow for the client’s customers.

What we learned

Our clients at AltaFoodcraft & Associated Services are intelligent, business-minded and detail-oriented people who care about their customers’ needs. We learned that when clients become active participants in their project, it helps immensely with the creation of a solution that is not only useful but developmentally lightweight and flexible enough for future phases.

In addition, we put extra effort into structuring our design process for a collaborative working environment in Adobe XD. This means multiple graphic designers can work simultaneously to make the design process go extremely fast.

They do a good job of setting the right expectations. The fact that we are coming back time and again is a testimony!

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