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UI/UX is all about delivering an engaging user experience. Or, as we like to say at 729 Solutions, it’s about playing nice with others.

When your website offers a smooth and inviting digital experience, people feel like sticking around to see more of your content. Our user experience consultants know exactly how to make that happen.

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Our masters of UI/UX transform your message into a streamlined user experience

We are your UI/UX secret weapon

Superior UI/UX design is the hidden element behind some of the world’s most famous brands, like Apple and Amazon.

We’ll bring this kind of expertise to your site and show why UI/UX consulting services are such a wise investment for a growing company.

  • An intuitive interface delivers a better connection with your customers through fast, easy usability.
  • Positive user experiences move prospects through the buyer’s journey faster.
  • When you put effort into excellent digital strategy and design on the front end, your business saves time and money later.

Beat the competition through creativity and individuality

The internet is a competitive place. Outshine your competitors online by giving your customers a next-level experience that’s memorable and enjoyable every time.

(Hint: This requires the help of an experienced UI/UX consultant.)

Make it easier for your customers to say yes

We’re highly-skilled UX consultants who can truly speak from experience. We’ve worked with an amazingly diverse set of clients, from arts and entertainment clients to purchase-driven retailers.

In every case, our user experience consultants have found efficient new ways to present up-to-date information, improve usability, and ease the burden of customer support.

Here’s the bottom line: All the little things matter. A user experience consultant understands how to wrangle all the small details that add up to a huge improvement in your digital brand.

Ready? Let’s do this together. We’d love to show you the same kind of transformational digital success our other clients are seeing.

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Here’s why our UI/UX designers are the best on the web

We never assume

You can’t make assumptions about how users navigate your site because people will inevitably surprise you. They’ll click on something unexpected or take a path through your content you’d never predict.

That’s why every new site we design starts with in-depth strategy and analysis. We do usability testing and watch carefully as your real-world digital customers interact with your company. Then we boil it all down to a list of fascinating facts that serve as the framework for the rest of the project.

We base our UI/UX design on both the world’s best practices and individual research on your unique business model. Our solutions work because they’re custom-designed. Your site will be completely unique to your company and custom-crafted with the help of innovative and experienced UX consultants.

Mobile? No problem.

If it’s not 100% mobile, it’s not good enough. Mobile-first design is a big deal in today’s online marketplace because smartphones have become the dominant force in searching and buying from businesses.

So if your site just needs a mobile-friendly facelift, no worries. Or if you’ve never dabbled in mobile-first design and need to start from scratch, that’s no problem either. We’ve got you covered.

We do personas, prototypes and more.

Our UI/UX company does so much more than just design pretty sites. Everything we deliver is based on world-class design principles and digital methodologies. So you’ll get a pretty site that also comes with a strong architecture and smart user flow.

729 Solutions is an all-in-one digital transformation company that can tackle any task you throw at us. More leads? More conversions? Better return on your online investment? Increased customer lifetime value? Whatever your goal is, we’re ready to achieve it.

We do it all: strategy and analysis, usability research, define user flow, scope out projects, wireframe visual design, write content, create functioning prototypes, and develop personas. Basically, we solve your biggest business challenges.


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The design team did an awesome job defining granular user personas and created the foundation for the look and feel of our brand.

Eric Major - Bundle Loans

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They do a good job of setting the right expectations. The fact that we are coming back time and again is a testimony!!

Stuart Harris - Alta Foodcraft

quotation marks

729 allowed us the flexibility to self-implement, but were with us every step of the way. They answered questions, brainstormed, provided solutions and best practices for anything we needed.

Kayla Fischer - Hirevue

Trusted by Leading Companies

We helped Bundle Loan turn an idea into reality by building an easy-to-use website that brings clarity to the mortgage purchasing process.

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729 Solutions developed a dashboard and customer portal for Associated Services that provides a customized user experience.

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Curious about UI/UX? Here are some FAQs.

A UX consultant brings user experience best practices to your project by researching you - your business, your target audience, and your competitors.

In addition, they perform site audits, check industry trends and facilitate testing prototypes to gather data before making educated recommendations for your project, based on their expertise.

UI/UX consulting is about understanding not only our customers’ needs, but their customers’ needs as well. It’s about finding a balance and making sure that everyone has completed their goals at the end of the day.

A UI consultant works on the interface side, viewing your site through the lens of the user and making interface suggestions to improve the user experience from end to end on your site.

As your UI consultant, we take the knowledge gained from the UX side and use it to make informed design decisions— things like what colors your user type will respond to, what icons and graphic styles they'll expect, and where and in what order to put things on the page.

A UX agency looks at the big picture of your project and your user experience and works in a strategic partnership with you to improve it on all fronts.

UI/UX consulting takes the guesswork out of the design process. It tells you the why behind the design and helps you make decisions that are based on research and knowledge you've gleaned from relevant sources.

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We love a challenge. Bring us your toughest problems and we’ll help you sort out the pieces!

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