729 Solutions’ Top 5 Favorite Tools For Getting Work Done

729 Solutions’ Top 5 Favorite Tools For Getting Work Done

Here at 729 Solutions we pride ourselves on our agile approach because it gets things done efficiently and in a timely manner. One of our goals is to catch issues and points of concern early so they do not become big problems and we do this by utilizing some pretty cool tools.


We really love Slack here at 729 solutions and it is one of our most used tools. Slack is a secure, online, instant messaging service used by many companies all over the world. We use Slack to communicate amongst our teams and with our clients, as well as send large files and keep track of daily needs. It helps us stay connected and on the same page no matter where we are working from and that is very important to us.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Trackeris an extremely important tool for keeping on track with projects and making the best plan of action for our teams. Pivotal Tracker is an agile, project management site use to track milestones and progress on deliverables for various projects. 729 uses a velocity-based agile approach in our work which means we need a tool that gives us insight into issues and needs before they are problems and allows for real-time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog.


Harvest is the platform we use for time tracking. It allows us to properly bill our clients, and keep projects from going over their allotted hours or budget. We love that Harvest has in-depth reporting tools we can take advantage of that allow us to keep track of a budget from many angles and thus with great accuracy.


 Zendesk gives companies the ability to understand their customer base in order to improve communication and offer support where it is needed most. Not only do we use Zendesk to keep track of inquiries made through our website, but we also help other companies implement and learn how to use Zendesk to make their customer service run smoother and with more efficiency.

New Relic

New Relic monitors application and infrastructure performance so that issues can be resolved quickly, and improve customer experiences. 729 uses New Relic to keep track of every application we work on, it is important to us that we do not miss a thing and are able to keep our customers aware of issues long before they are major problems.

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