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How does your team communicate throughout the day?

729 Solutions is a global company.  We have team members all over the world! We know from experience that having the best tools to do our jobs makes all the difference when we are spread so far apart – and an effective communication tool must be at the core of our tool kit. Whether your company is spread over many time zones like ours, or you inhabit the same office space –  using Slack as your tool of choice to communicate and coordinate throughout the day, is a great option for success.

Slack Features

Roles and Permissions

  • Primary Owners manage a single workspace and have control over the security and administrative settings of the workspace. Only this person can delete a workspace, transfer ownership, and change user roles.
  • Workspace Owners have control over the security and administrative settings of the workspace, excluding deleting a workspace, transferring ownership or changing roles.
  • Workspace Admins can manage members, channels, and maintenance of the workspace.
  • Membershave access to all public channels in a workspace and can be invited to private channels.
  • Multi-Channel Guests only have access to channels they’ve been given permission to use and can only send direct messages to people in those channels.
  • Single-Channel Guests only have access the one channel they’ve been assigned to. They can only send direct messages to people in that channel.

Organized Conversations


Channels can be specified in many ways depending on what your specific company needs are. You might have a channel for every project or client or maybe you have channels that represent teams within your company, they can even simply act as a receptacle for information from integrations, apps and bots.

  • Public – These channels can be joined by anyone in your organization.
  • Private – Private channels can only be joined by invitation.
  • Shared – A shared channel is a channel that is linked between two different organizations slack accounts, making it easy to collaborate with other companies.
  • Group Chats – A direct message between more than two people.
  • Direct Chats – A private one on one chat with one other person.

Search History

One of Slack’s greatest features is its deep searchable history. This means you can reference conversations, find links, uploads and other information easily, even from archived channels and channels you are no longer a part of.

Tools and Services (Integrations)

Slack has a plethora of integrations with other tools, apps and bots. This allows you to use Slack as a hub of information and gives you the ability to organize info from many different places into one channel. Some of their most popular integrations include Google Drive, GitHub, Zendesk, Trello, and Zapier, and with tons of integrations and apps to offer, you will always be able to find what you need to support your team.

Call and Video

Slack offers its own call and video service right inside the interface. It allows you to chat and share screens with anyone in your slack network. Calls can be shared through all channel types or with single-channel guests.

File Sharing

One thing that can be hard when your team is spread across the globe is having a reliable way to share files, images, pdfs and videos. Slack makes it super easy to share by giving you the option to upload from your computer, drag and drop files or even access a tool like Google Drive from right within channels.


Slack has a huge offering of resources and support for their clients including:

As well as specific information for different kinds of teams:

We often say that getting a job done means having the right tools to make it happen. You should have that same philosophy about tools you use for managing code as you do for tools that make your business operations run smoother. Slack is a fantastic solution for those looking for a better communication tool, that will also support all of the other work you and your team are doing!

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