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It’s becoming more and more important these days to be able to engage with your clients in timely and very effective ways. Figuring out the best channels to communicate through and then corresponding at the right times can make a big difference in how current or potential clients feel about working with you. Enter Amazon Pinpoint: this AWS tool allows marketers and developers to create “customer-centric engagement experiences,” which can ultimately lead to better customer relationships. Check out our quick overview below and go here to learn more!


One Service with Global Scale – Have worldwide reach and utilize multiple channels to send messages, link channels to send through emails, text messages, or voice calls.

Engage the Right Customer at the Right Time – Use data and analytics to help drive who receives which messages and when.

Real Time Data – Be able to see data and analytics in real-time, providing you with the ability to give customers quick information, like when they need a new password.

Integration – Integrate Pinpoint with other AWS tools and products to create unique solutions to your unique needs.


Engagement Channels

These channels include:

  • Email
  • Voice
  • SMS (text)
  • App Push Notifications
  • Extensions – Social messaging channels and In-app messaging services

Utilizing the right channels can really enhance the way customers feel about interacting with you, and it makes sense to be able to engage with customers through whichever platform makes them feel most at ease. Having the right options for your base is essential.

Engagement Management

Engagement Management includes:

  • Audience Management
  • Campaigns
  • Transactional Messages

These features allow you to create specific groups based on things like location, behavior, or engagement. These groups can then be used towards specific campaigns aimed at just these people, and transactional messages can be used to send targeted and specific info to individuals.


Analytics include:

  • Customer
  • Usage
  • Engagement

Use data collected through previous interactions and customer behavior to help with things like determining customer preferences, creating better customer segments for engagement management, and understanding which channels are performing best and why.

Pinpoint supports both developers and marketers!

Because it is an AWS product, Pinpoint can support both your marketing team and your development team and help them work together easier. It makes communicating with customers, running specific campaigns, harnessing unique channels, and utilizing analytics easy for marketers and helps to give developers a backbone for troubleshooting user cases and understanding important trends so they can continue to increase the value of the applications they build.

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